8-year-old Adhara Perez reported to have a higher IQ than Einstein, pursues college-level education

We’ve been told that Albert Einstein is perhaps one of the smartest human beings to ever live, but recent news reports suggest otherwise. According to many sources, 8-year-old, Adhara Perez from Mexico City has an IQ of 162- higher than both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. Due to her rare intellectuality, she has gained major recognition from the public in the past months and has even been featured in Forbes México‘s 100 Most Powerful Women in Mexico list.

Image Credit: indiatimes.com

Perez was born in Mexico City, raised by her mother Nanelly Sanchez. By the age of three, she was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome giving her issues with social interaction. As a result of the disorder, she was severely bullied in school as the kids called her rude names like “weirdo” and “oddball”. She then fell into a very deep depression and often slept in class because of a visible lack of curiosity for what she was learning. Little did she know, these were early indications of her extraordinary brilliance. 

Image Credit: themazatlanpost.com

At last, once her mother noticed the unpleasant treatment Perez was receiving in school and the full-fledged misery she was experiencing, she resolved to take her daughter to therapy. The psychiatrist who observed her decided that she should take an IQ test at the Center for Attention to Talent. This is where Adhara and her family discovered the gift of her intelligence.

After this discovery, major adjustments were put into place according to her own advanced needs. When she was five, she was done with elementary school, then middle school, and finally high school when she was eight.

Flash forward to the present: she is in the course of earning a degree in industrial engineering in mathematics and a degree in systems engineering online. As stated by Ricardo Salinas Pliego, a well-known businessman in Mexico, Adhara Perez “…ya estudia una carrera en Ingeniería Industrial y sus mas grande sueño es ser científica y convertirse en una astronauta para trabajar en la NASA.” In this statement, Pliego explains that Perez’s dream is to become a certified astronaut for NASA. 

Image Credit: aldianews.com

For now, Perez is using her unique intelligence to create new technology. For example, she is working on a smart bracelet that will track the emotions of multiply-abled children to predict future outbursts and seizures. She is also currently learning English and looking forward to attending the University of Arizona in a few years.

Albert Einstein is best known for his theory of relativity and Stephen Hawkings is perhaps most recognized for his discovery of black holes. What will Adhara Perez be celebrated for?