Meet the R-Hi Staff

Megan Chow (2019)
Megan is a senior at Rutherford High School. She enjoys writing articles about the school community and interviewing others about their opinions on important topics. Megan is always interested in keeping herself updated on current events, and she is extremely passionate about social sciences and advocating for civil rights.

Andrew Chun (2019)
Andrew’s favorite subjects include history and Española. He enjoys playing the guitar and reading books. He is involved in Student Council, Mock Trial,
Interact, and the Spanish National Honors Society.   

Sadie Link (2019)
Sadie is a senior at RHS and plans on majorin in nursing in college. She is currently in academic decathlon, yearbook, and is in the school play “Barefoot in Washington Square Park,” where she plays Ethel.

Caroline Marron (2019)
Caroline Marron is a senior at RHS. She’s been on the varsity cheerleading team since her freshman year, and has been captain since her junior year. She’s also a member of many clubs, including Heroes and Cool Kids, Varsity Club, Spanish Club, FCCLA, and National Honors Society. She loves writing for the R-Hi because it is a fun and interesting way to learn what her peers are up to. She thinks Rutherford High School is an amazing school and she’s very lucky to be able to report the major events during her last year!

Caroline McCarthy (2019)
Caroline McCarthy has been a member of R-Hi for 3 years. She aspires to work for the New York Times and plans on double majoring in Journalism and Media Studies in college. She is also a part of 3 varsity sports and 10 other co-curricular clubs including RTV, Yearbook, Scribe, FCCLA, and many others. She developed her passion for journalism and reporting at only 5 years old and is excited to see what the future holds for her as she enters her senior year.

Tierra Sherlock (2020)
In addition to writing for the R-Hi and SCRIBE, Tierra loves to read and write in her free time. Her affinity for the arts extends into musical theatre, as she performs in the RHS select choir, spring musical, various honors choirs outside of school, and dance. Although she spends most of her time studying (and complaining about it), this doesn’t preclude her from finding ways to add to this workload, whether it be Academic Decathlon or her perpetually growing reading list. If you’re ever looking for her, she spends 99% of her time in the English wing or the library!

Paige Holman (2021)
Paige Holman is a sophomore who is very interested in writing and reading. In addition to R-Hi, she participates in the Green Club, Interact Club, Spanish Club, and the Rutherford High School Choir. After high school, Paige aims to major in English and pursue a career in publishing.

Seo Yeon Kim (2021)
Seo Yeon Kim is a sophomore at Rutherford High School. Seo Yeon participates in a variety of clubs, such as Amnesty International, FCCLA, Green Club, and Interact Club. She has also been a part of Rutherford’s music program for 6 years and plans on continuing. She is also interested in pursuing a career as a veterinarian in the future.

Ella Michalski (2021)
Ella Michalski is a sophomore who has an interest in writing. She enjoys reading for pleasure as well as editing other people’s works. Ella is involved in a couple clubs including Green Club, Spanish Club, and Interact Club in the high school, as well as dance a couple times a week outside of school. She is interested in a future career regarding the English arts but is open to other careers as well.

Christina Rodriguez (2021)
Christina Rodriguez is a sophomore at Rutherford High School. She is a varsity swimmer and loves to play the piano and guitar. Outside of R-Hi, Christina is involved in Concert Choir, Green Club, Varsity Club, French Club and Interact Club. A few of her favorite musicians include Niall Horan, The Aces, Danielle Bradbery, Halsey, Luke Bryan, Fleetwood Mac, Lady Antebellum, Bruce Springsteen and Harry Styles.

Hibi Siddiki (2021)
Hiba Siddiki is a sophomore in high school who really enjoys literature. Her favorite subjects include English, Math, and History. Along with the school newspaper, she is a part of Green Club and Spanish Club. Hiba hopes to attend a prestigious college and have a successful career and life.

Katie Whaley (2021)
Katie Whaley is a sophomore who loves to read and write. She participates in sports for the entirety of the year, including cross country, basketball, and spring track. Katie is also involved in the Green Club, Spanish Club, and is the 10th grade Treasurer for Student Council. An aspiration for her future career is to be involved in the writing industry, and to study journalism in college.