An Interview with Ms. Gagis: What’s Next?

Ms. Gagis, RHS’ beloved school counselor, is moving on up to Director of Guidance! So, in commemoration of her 18 years here, I decided to go and ask her a few questions.

What led you to take a job as a school counselor here at RHS?

Do you have an idea why students specifically came to you for these deeper issues?

How does your future position as Director of Guidance differ from your current position?

What do you hope to bring to your future position?

What are some of your favorite memories from working here at RHS?

Any final words of advice for your students?

All of us at RHS will miss her dearly, as she has been a light in the dark for so many. We wish her the best of luck in all her future pursuits!

Help with questions and transcription provided by Ambur Patel