Avatar: The Way of Water (Review)

Warning: spoilers ahead!

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) directed by James Cameron is the follow-up movie to Avatar, made in 2009. The movie is a direct continuation that comes in at three hours and twelve minutes and is nothing short of a masterpiece. It continues the story of Jake Sully and the return of the sky people from taking over Pandora for the purpose of extracting the natural resources the planet is made up of.

Plot & Acting:

The plot for this film doesn’t fall victim to what carelessly made money-grabbing sequels usually do. This movie expands on the first one bringing back the villains from the first film but with bigger stakes. The sky people (humans) return to the planet for two main reasons to continue extracting Pandora for more of its resources and to kill our protagonist and his family, Jake Sully. Our main character has to deal with protecting his family and people from being slaughtered and on top of that saving the planet. The plot is well-written and extremely thought out. The acting was top-notch as to be expected by a director like James Cameron who is a known perfectionist.


The original Avatar movie was best known for its visuals, which made it a movie ahead of its time during the period in which it was out. The follow-up movie is no exception– it had realistic CGI never achieved by any movie before it. I was blown away in the theaters by this movie. It was one of those movies where I wished it was longer so I could keep watching it.

What to do when seeing this movie:

This movie is a must-see at the theaters, it’s the only way to fully enhance your movie-watching experience. I watched this movie in 3-D and I personally feel it improved my experience I would also recommend it. All-in-all, this movie is what I would classify as being probably the best film of the year and exceeding the brilliance of the first film. I would highly recommend this movie and it’s a must-watch.

Featured Image Credit: Dolby