Avengers: Endgame Review (SPOILERS AHEAD)

After one year of anticipation, the movie of the decade has finally arrived. Avengers: Endgame came to theaters on April 26 and now we are ready to discuss.

This film was beyond good; in my opinion, it is one of the best Marvel movies and one of the best comic book movies of all time. We finally see how the story ends for Iron man and Captain America and see all of our favorite heroes return from the dead. The mad Titan, Thanos, returns and is as good as always. Now let’s talk about the movie.

Set three weeks after Thanos takes out half of the universe, Iron Man and Nebula are trapped in space with no sign of rescue. But Captain Marvel comes and saves Iron Man and Nebula. He returns to the Avengers Headquarters and they try to discuss what happened and if they can bring everyone back, which is when they discover they can get the stones back and bring everyone back. The Avengers set out on a journey to track down Thanos and get the stones back. When they find him, Thanos says he destroyed the stones so the Avengers cannot bring everyone back. Thor then kills Thanos and they leave.

Five years later, Ant-Man is rescued from the Quantum Relm and finds his daughter trying to figure out what happened. He thinks he can use the Relm to bring everyone back (via time travel). He contacts the Avengers and they try to get Iron-Man on board, but he now has a child and thinks it is impossible. But Tony realizes it is possible and they go through with the plan. After a few test runs they go back in time.

Iron man, Captain America, and Antman get stones back in New York while Black widow and Hawkeye go to get the soul stone. In order to get the soul stone someone has to die. Back Widow then throws herself off a cliff to get the soul stone. Meanwhile, Thanos from the past learns of what’s happening and tries to find the Avengers. The Avengers return and are heartbroken over the death of Black Widow. The Hulk uses the stones to bring everyone back but they do not know if it worked yet because Thanos comes crashing down on them.

A battle breaks loose and it is one of the best battle scenes in the Marvel Universe. We see the return of all of the heroes that died in Infinity War to fight Thanos. But the only way to defeat Thanos is by killing him, but that is impossible with his massive army. So Iron man uses the stones to take out Thanos and his army he does but Iron man also dies on impact. A heartbreaking funeral service for Iron man is shown making people feel sad and good.

Captain America goes back in time to put the stones back in their regular time frame. He stays in the past to be with his girlfriend he deeply missed. We then see him telling his friend Sam Wilson he is the new Captain America. The final scene shows Captain America dancing with his girlfriend back in the 1940s.

Overall this movie is a 10 out of 10 with action and emotion. To me everyone who acted in this film was great. The soundtrack was also very good. I think this is Marvel’s best movie because it really wraps up the story for our two main Avengers, Iron man and Captain America. It leaves the door open for movies with Thor, Ant man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy. The next Marvel movie comes out July 2nd and the title is Spider-man Far from Home. If you have not seen Avengers:Endgame I encourage you to watch it. You will feel happy and sad at the same time. But the film has a satisfying end to the first 22 marvel movies.

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