Brian Kelly upsets many Notre Dame fans with broadside exit to LSU

Brian Kelly Leaving Notre Dame for LSU causes strong reactions from fans. 

 Former Notre Dame football coach Brian Kelly has just announced that he will be leaving Notre Dame to coach football at LSU. He is leaving for a 10-year 95 million dollar contract at LSU. He will be making around 9 million dollars per year which is 2 more million than he was making at Notre Dame and many are saying that is part of the reason he is leaving.

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Part of the contract was that he would have to make the decision and start by a certain time. LSU football is already done for the season however Notre Dame is not. This means that Brian Kelly decided to leave Notre Dame before their season was even over which led to many fans feeling upset and betrayed. This also led to a quick search for a new head coach.

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Marcus Freeman who was another coach at Notre Dame was selected for the new Head coach for the team. Marcus Freeman revealed that he was in shock when Kelly told him that he would be moving to LSU. He also revealed that Kelly asked him to be his defensive coordinator at LSU. In the end, Freeman chose to stay and became the head coach of Notre Dame. Of course, this caused lots of talk with the fans and players of Notre Dame.

This whole situation has caused so many angry Notre Dame fans. One Instagram user writing “Brian Kelly, you abandoned your players all for Money ….. There is no loyalty among coaches” under a post on Kelly’s Instagram page. 

Multiple fans commented snake and snake emojis all over a post in which Kelly was with the Notre Dame team saying “This is only the start. Go Irish!” Notre Dame fans feel that Kelly has abandoned his team and that both the players and the fans do not deserve this. 

Although many of the players have said this was unexpected and doesn’t feel great, they have all shared how excited and happy they are for Marcus Freeman to take over because of his great leadership skills and how good he is at what he does. Many people were sharing their support for Freeman over social media. One user saying “Notre Dame football is in great hands !!” in response to hearing the news of Freeman’s hire. 

However, there are also people on LSU’s side who have been reacting to the new hire of the former Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly. Although there seems to be some LSU students and fans who are excited about having such an elite coach now coaching the team, it doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal to LSU students and fans as it is for Notre Dame fans. 


Some of LSU’s students and fans have actually not been the happiest about it. During Kelly’s first speech at LSU to the students during a game, he did something that made people both laugh and make fun of him but also made them feel weird. During his speech, many people found that it sounded like Kelly was using a Southern accent while addressing the students. People compared videos of him saying the same words he said in his speech just a few days prior and realized that they sounded completely different. 

Many were saying that the accent was completely fabricated to make him fit in more because he was in Louisiana now. Brian Kelly was born in Massachusetts and grew up there as well. The accent he was using was definitely not from Massachusetts. 

That was awkward for many LSU fans as they felt that he was trying too hard to try and fit in. They felt that it was weird and like he was trying to put on a strange personality that wasn’t I actually like him at all. Many Twitter users had tweeted saying stuff like this. Of course, Notre Dame fans were also laughing at this and found that it was very weird and he was trying too hard. 

Overall Brian Kelly’s leaving for Louisiana came as a shock and surprise to many fans, players, and students at Notre Dame. Although some were happy, and others were sad And upset, everyone is now waiting to see how this new arrangement will end up.