Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year on September 15 to October 15 we celebrate Hispanic heritage. During this celebration, we take a look back at how it originated and its deeper meaning. Hispanic Heritage week began under President Johnson in 1968 and was expanded into a 30-day holiday in 1988 by President Regan.  

For many countries, September 15 is celebrated as a day of independence such as Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. A few days later on the 16th and 18th, Mexico and Chile often celebrate their independence day. 

Image credit: The Cougar

However, celebrating Hispanic Heritage month is not just about being from a country in South or Central America, it is about celebrating your heritage and who you are. Many Hispanics on this day will hold parades to honor their countries to show how grateful they are to be from there. Not every Hispanic person shares the same heritage, but they all share the same pride for being Hispanic by embracing traditions.

Image credit: Micheal Ainsworth/Associated Press Photo

How can you celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

1. Ask a friend how their family celebrates (and join in!)
2. Check out a curated list of movies or TV shows on Netflix or Disney Plus
3. Check out books in the library that are written by (or about) Hispanic people
4. Try out a new recipe inspired by Hispanic heritage
5. Check out some music from a Hispanic artist

So this October, look out for celebrations honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. You will realize that the influence of Hispanic culture is all around us and deserves to be celebrated!

Featured Image Credit: NEA.org