Coach Dunn named Giants HS Coach of the Week

The Rutherford HS football team has had a great season thus far with a current record of 6-0 and they have won the 2022 Colonial Division Championship. Each week, the team has gone out onto the field and displayed hard work, commitment, and confidence. However, the true star at the center of this success story is not the one throwing or catching passes; instead, he is the one standing on the sidelines. 

Coach Dunn was named the New York Giants Coach of the week (09/29/22). To recognize Coach Dunn’s success, the Rutherford High School football program will receive a $2,000 grant from Gatorade and the New York Giants. 

“He is a great coach because the lessons you learn not only apply to football, but also life in general.”

Zach Herninko

The Lou Rettino High School Football Coach of the Week Award is named in memory of a former coach from Union High School, “for his fine commitment to the game of football…” This is an award given by the New York Giants as an attempt to highlight the high school coaches that demonstrate full commitment to the programs. The Giants search for a coach that works on “Developing motivated student-athletes and contributing overall to their community.” 

Congratulations to Coach Dunn, not only for this award but for the impact he has made on the community and culture of Rutherford!

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