DECIDED: Teams in NCAA Playoffs

Pictured: Number 9, Michigan Quarterback

After a tough 4 month season, with over 130 teams, the NCAA commission has come to a decision on the final four teams in the playoff picture. A 13-member committee carefully selects the best, most dominant teams to take part in the College Football Playoff, CFP. This decision is dependent on a teams overall record, conference championships, head-to-head matchups, and head-to-head results against common opponents.

After the Conference Championships on December 2, the committee got to work in deciding the teams in the playoffs. This year, the 2023 playoff teams are Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama.

Michigan has an undefeated record, 13-0, and dominated in their conference game against Iowa(10-3), making them clear-cut for the playoffs. Washington is similar to Michigan in the fact that they both received undefeated records, making Washington 13-0 as well, and another team in the playoffs. Michigan and Washington are the only two teams in the playoffs that are undefeated. Texas finished their regular season with a 12-1 record, recording only one loss on the season. In their conference championship game, they dominated Oklahoma State University, winning 49-21. The last team and the fourth seed in the 2023 Playoff picture is Alabama who finished the season 12-1 with a tight win against Georgia(6th seed and 12-1) in the conference championship game on December 2.

The Playoffs are set to begin on January 1st. Alabama is set to play Michigan at 5pm on January 1. Texas is set to play at Washington at 8:45pm on January 1. The winner of both games go on to play at the National Championship on January 8, 2024.

Because of high controversy in the selection of teams and the number of teams that make the playoffs, there has been a change in the selection process for the 2024-2025 season. In 2024, the team format is set to expand to 12 teams, allowing for many more teams the chance to win the National Championship.