Encanto’s ‘charms’ have reached millions as the movie’s success continues to grow

Lin Manuel Miranda’s Encanto is growing in popularity. Released on Disney+ on December 24, 2021, Encanto, meaning “charm” in Spanish, tells the story of la familia Madrigal, a family whose magical powers are fading. Set in Colombia, the movie embraces Latino culture and the strength of family. It has been especially relatable to many in the Latino community with how it tackles intergenerational trauma and pressure. This movie displays vulnerability like never seen before. Additionally, the diversity of characters has helped many people feel represented and see themselves in the characters.

Lin-Manuel Miranda at the Los Angeles premiere of “Encanto” in November.
Credit: Richard Shotwell/Invision, Associated Press

One song from Encanto called “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” has grown even more popular than Frozen’s “Let it Go”! Encanto not only thrives on the Billboard charts but also on TikTok. The hashtag #Encanto has been viewed more than 8.6 billion times on TikTok. The movie has helped so many people share their experiences and connect over them. The way that Encanto managed to resonate with so many people has contributed to its massive success. Not to mention that musical theater flourishes on TikTok, as seen previously many times, such as with “Six”, “Ratatouille”, and “The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical”. People enjoy looking into theories and pointing out details often missed in Encanto– Disney’s attention to details is truly unmatched. And people are joking about how Mirabel should have blown the candle out!

All in all, Encanto provides an astounding soundtrack, message, and relatability that has reached millions of people, leading the movie to receive a multitude of Oscar nominations such as Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score

Featured image credit: CNS photo/Disney