Gangsta-Rap Pioneer Snoop Dogg Launches Children’s Programming

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. known professionally as Snoop Dogg has begun working with and targeting kids by aiding the publication of a child’s book and releasing a children’s album and television series to spread awareness for the struggles of today’s youth. His as well as his record label expressed goals of helping educate children in a fun way while helping them embrace individuality and build up self-esteem.

Prior to this announcement, Snoop Dogg’s resume includes a debut 1993 number-one hit on Billboard’s Hot 100, 16 Grammy nominations, and even a visit to our nation’s capital. The Gangsta rap pioneer, controversial celebrity, cannabis enthusiast, and convicted felon himself has made a change that may be surprising to some by creating content for children.

The international artist has transitioned from notable songs such as “[Explicit] please” and “Gin and Juice” to remakes of the “ABC Song” and “Wheels on the Bus” with his new album titled “Kids Hits, Vol. 1” presented by Doggyland, with a co-created 3D animated children’s series.

“I got a Def Jam Kids album coming out this year too, something for the kids, so you know. We thinking about those babies too,” the 51-year-old rapper said in a virtual appearance on NBC’s late-night show, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The artist further describes the purpose of Doggyland when asked in an interview with MusicMayhemMagazine.

“You can just be you and be accepted in Doggyland, and that’s what these characters represent – diversity, so kids can learn to love each other from the beginning, because hate is what’s taught. Love is what’s in their heart.”

Surrounding the sudden youth education movement by Snoop Dogg and Death Row Records, the artist has also taken to his own personal movement with aid of fellow rapper and collaborator Master P.

The artist has announced that he plans to help Seven- year-old Malakai Roberts to publish his first book that is on track to be published and available to the public next year.

Roberts will be releasing his book centered around overcoming adversity titled, Adventures With Malakai, in 2023. Both Roberts and the book worked with the rappers to help spread awareness to stop gang and gun violence while as well as inspiring one’s individual creativity.

The child was only five years of age when his home was shot at in December 2020, as a bullet hit him in the head missing his brain close by a miracle, while he lay asleep beside his mother and brother. The effects of the bullet wound and impact left Malakai permanently blind and without a sense of smell or taste.

Snoop and Master P debuted Adventures with Malakai at a Kentucky YMCA on October 5th. The book will be available for purchase by next year, as he furtherly grows his youth audience through his new show and sing-along album for children.

Though the rapper has his fair list of felonies and negative public attention, he hopes to lead with more of a positive impact and role modeling through his educational movement.

Featured image credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images