Juniors Take on Formal

The class of 2020 got together on the night of April 20th to enjoy their Junior Prom. Entering the Graycliff in Moonachie NJ, the students were nothing but excited for what was in store. Walking in and seeing how much work the junior class advisors– Ms. Leary and Ms. Bacilo– put in for the dance made the night even more special. Even teachers who chaperoned enjoyed themselves.

“I had lots of fun watching all of the students have fun” said Ms.Veniero, a math teacher at RHS who stated when asked about the dance “ I enjoyed the music a lot and it reminded me of the times I was in high school”.

Towards the last few weeks of March, this was all the junior class could talk about. Between the spray tans and tux shopping, everyone was extremely frantic. At Rutherford High School, it is a school tradition to have a junior prom each year in the month of April. Even as freshmen, this is all the class of 2020 could talk about. “I had lots of fun, no one sat the entire time” expressed one junior. “We were all too busy dancing and mingling with each other and it was a great memory to finish off our junior year”.

One junior who didn’t attend even stated “I didn’t go to the dance but social media was buzzing and it seemed like I missed a good time.” Social media was indeed on fire. Between social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat the dance was everywhere. This was truly a night that the junior class wouldn’t forget in a long time.

Previously before the dance, the class of 2020 was divided. Many students believed that this dance may have brought the grade closer together. “We really had a blast!” stated RHS junior Tatiana “There was lots of dancing and I had genuinely had a great time with my peers” Overall, the dance was unforgettable and the junior class can’t wait for prom next year,another social event where everyone can come together before they say goodbye one last time.

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