Mamma Mia! There they go again!

A production of “Mamma Mia!” was hosted by Rutherford High School on March 15th and March 16th.

Students from Rutherford High School participated in the school’s spring musical. Sarah Dzurillay, Skylar Wasinsky, Caroline Mierzwa, Julia Alati, Tierra Sherlock, Christina Scanlon, Russell Gomez-Martinez, Jacob Stillson, Justin Esposito, Nick Tardiff, and John Soulaine were all main cast members. Nina Capanear, Bella Muro, and Kylo Taleida were dance captains, with many more as ensemble.

Tickets for the musical were sold in the school through students, as well as at the door. $12 was for general admission, and $10 was for student admission.

Mamma Mia! had a good turn out, with the first night having great attendance. The musical performance elicited positive reactions from the audience.

They were really into every show!!” Sarah Dzurillay said, playing the lead as Sophie.

The cast put their hearts into every performance. Everyone on stage and behind the scenes enjoyed the experience.

I was part of set design, and it was a great experience,” Sophia Surdorvel says, “We all worked really well together and the set came out really nicely!

More people were involved the play than just the cast. Mr. Vaccaro and Ms. McManus directed the musical, whom of which both work at Pierrepont School in town. A pit orchestra of students, as well as Mrs. Blanchard, Rutherford High School’s music teacher, played live music. Mr. Faugno, the instrumental music teacher, conducted the orchestra.

The audition process for Mamma Mia! started late November, and rehearsals began in January. Tuesday through Thursday were three, hour-long rehearsals, and they were everyday by the end of February.

We would try to schedule a scene per day or a dance to get through,” Sarah said.

Rutherford High School’s production of Mamma Mia! was considered a success by many students, faculty, and audience members.

It was my favorite part of our spring events!” one student stated.