Photography Club Takes Snapshots of Daily Student Life

Photo Submitted By: Abbygail Byron

The life of a high school student can be full of surprises. So many exciting events are happening already during this school year. These include the homecoming dance, parade, football game, and many more after school actives. We would all love to remember these events after our high school lives. This is why the Photography Club was tasked of taking photos of daily student life.

With a talented group of people, the club was able to capture those fun moments that we all wish we could go back to. What’s even more special is that some of these photos will be making it into the yearbook. Currently, the best photos are being selected for possible use in the yearbook. Many may believe that the daily life of a student doesn’t have much fun going on. Most of the time is spent studying for class. However, the following photos say otherwise.

Photo Submitted By: Om Sonani
Photo Submitted By:
Photo Submitted By: Christopher Burns

The Photography Club will continue to capture more photos for our school memories. Remember that it’s never too late to join the club. For any questions about the club, see Mr. Mett. A display outside room 206, the photo room, will be displaying even more of these photos. Stop by and take a look. As for now, enjoy more images taken by the photography club members.

Photo Submitted By: Hailey Moran
Photo Submitted By: Sophia Lanchipa
Photo Submitted By: Michael Babcock