RHS Choir Performs at Carnegie Hall

On April 6, 2024, the Rutherford High School Choir joined an outstanding ensemble of over 100 students performing at Carnegie Hall as a part of the National Choir program. With high schools and colleges coming from all around North America– including some from Canada, California, and Florida– there was no shortage of talent and passion in this program. This outstanding opportunity presented an absolutely unforgettable experience for every student involved.

Mrs. Blanchard, our school’s choral director, helped to organize the choir’s enrollment in this program, as RHS was the only local group to perform in the National Ensemble. She oversaw our choir over the two rehearsals that took place in New York City, and during the final performance at the world-famous Carnegie Hall.

The day of the show was a cool city day; a slow shift into spring was palpable in the air. This change into a period of growth and discovery was fitting as RHS students filed into one of the world’s most coveted performance spaces. Performing at Carnegie Hall is an experience musicians around the world strive for their whole lives– for high school students to join the group of talent that has taken the stage there is an unreal opportunity.

The whole experience was deemed to be educational, fun, and fantastic for each student involved. Being able to meet other talented singers from around the continent, as well as working with world-renowned directors such as Dr. Carol Earnhart and Dr. Julie Yu, is an experience that no RHS student will soon forget.