RHS Girls Soccer Team is Going for Goals

The girl’s soccer team is off to a great start.

The Rutherford High School Girls Varsity Soccer team is off to a successful start of their season. Led by coach Richard Blanchard along with Senior captains Ava Moran and Emma Guzman, the girls are thriving with a record of 9-3. Their dominant back line and coherent midfield allows the girls to successfully travel up and down the field as a unit, hindering opponents from taking many shots on goal.

The team has a large group of talented and versatile players, thus creating an ever-changing starting lineup. Regina Maslag (junior), who was formerly a field player, is the team’s talented new starting goalkeeper. In the back, notable defenders are Sara Hansen (senior), Alexis Montoto (senior), Jen Netelkos (junior), Adriana Cammarano (senior), Maddie Caputo (junior), and Emily Weber (freshman). The midfield is dominated by Moran (senior), Gabby Centurion (junior), Izzy Andler (junior), Caroline McCarthy (senior), and Jessica Skinner (senior). A constant string of passes between these midfielders and the use of the team’s deep bench–which allows for quick substitutions of the outside midfielders– creates ample opportunities for the team to travel to the goal with speed.

The leading goal scorers on the team are seniors Emma Guzman and Rachel Wronko. These forwards use their speed and athleticism to receive balls from the midfield and take shots on goal. The two have been a dynamic duo since sophomore year. The Girls Varsity Soccer Team is looking forward to a very rewarding season. Their undeniable talent and work ethic promise great things from this year’s team. Their schedule can be found HERE. Come down to a home game and see these girls in action.