RHS Hosts “Evening of the Arts”

On Wednesday, May 15th, our high school hosted its annual “Evening of the Arts:” an event celebrating the diverse talents of our student body. The event featured an impressive collection of paintings, ceramics, photos, and more, showing off the creativity and skill of our young artists. Visitors were treated to a gallery-like experience. The evening was further enriched by musical performances, organized by Ms. Blanchard, where students showcased their vocal and instrumental talents. The event was a success, bringing together the community to appreciate and celebrate the artistic achievements of our students.

All photos are credited to Micaela Britez

Danny Fencik, Liz Dunlop, Jeannille Ettinoffe Perform “Nothing Changes”
Mark Bershadsky and Vincent Denunzio perform “Under the Bridge”
Eleri Mcgregor
Angelica Rodriguez – I’m Not the Only One
Nina Tavani and Kyla Kemple – Rhiannon