RHS performs fall drama Play On! by Rick Abbott

On Friday, November 19th and Saturday, November 20th, Rutherford High School performed their Fall drama Play On! by Rick Abbott.

The play is the hilarious story of a theatre group trying desperately to put on a play in spite of maddening interference from a haughty author who keeps revising the script. Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is the actual performance, in which anything that can go wrong, does!

The show featured Nico Schumacher as director Gerry Dunbar, Jenna Marinelli as stage manager Aggie Manville, Erin Ahearn as sound technician Louise Peary, and Audrey Segedin as the playwright Phyllis Montague. Marina Faltaaws doubled as Polly and Lady Margaret, Sami Abauad played both Henri and Lord Dudley, Stella Abauad doubled as Saul Watson and Doctor Rex Forbes, Nick Cimillo played both Billy Carewe and Stephen Sellers, Eleri McGregor starred as Violet Imbry and Diana Lasiter and Isabella Claveria played the roles of Smitty and Doris, the maid.

The cast put on an impressive performance– the first live and in-person performance in over a year.

“I was so impressed with the comic timing of the cast.  Comedy is difficult to do right; but, this cast did EVERYTHING right and it showed.  It was evident how much time was spent on rehearsal to get the lines down so well.  The final product was truly hilarious and I hope the actors are proud of their excellent work,” Brian Ersalesi, RHS’s English Department and Fine, Practical & Performing Arts Supervisor said.

This is only just the beginning of this year’s performing arts lineup. The spring musical Matilda will hit the stage at RHS in early March.