RHS Presents: “Puffs” a Play by Matt Cox

RHS theater department performed Puffs the Play by Matt Cox on the nights of November 18th and 19th.

Reilly Gleason, Danny Fencik, & Marina Faltawws

This play features a hilarious spin on J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series. The twist is that Puffs is told from the point of view of the not-so-popular Hufflepuff house. Students navigate and show their own personal life challenges through the classic Harry Potter Plot. Act I consists of Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4, whilst Act II consists of Chapters 5, 6, and 7.

The cast included:

Jeanille Ettinoffe as Narrator, Reilly Gleason as Wayne Hopkins, Danny Fencik as Oliver Rivers, Marina Faltawws as Megan Jones, Braedon McQuade as Ernie Mac, Erin Ahearn as Hannah, Sean Duggan as J. Finch Fletchley, Mia Febbo as Leanne, Eleri McGregor as Sally Perks, Marley Santana as Susie Bones/Harry, Stella Abuauad as Cedric, Audrey Segedin as First Headmaster/Ginny/Mr. Bable, Isabella Claveria as Uncle Dave/Friar/Second Headmaster, Jenna Marinelli as Second Headmaster, RJ Cusick as Professor Turban/Professor Locky/Ric Griff/Real Mr. Moody, Elizabeth Dunlop as Xavia Jones/Myrtle. The ensemble consisted of Kyla Kemple, Kelly Dudonis, Anthony Tejada, and Ella Walsh.

“Please be our friend!”

Faculty members Mrs. Blanchard as Director and Stage Crew Director Ms. Gagis worked hard to make this production come to life!

Personally, I think the best part about this production is that it takes a creative spin on a classic story, learning about the personal life of these new characters. Watching them tell their life stories, creating friendships, and of course, defending Hogwarts! All members of the RHS Theater Department should be very proud of this Fall Production!