RHS Students Reflect on Teachers’ Impact during Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation week took place from May 2- May 6 this year. The R-Hi spent the week collecting students’ responses about teachers that have made an impact on them over the years. Here are some of the statements RHS students have shared about memories with their teachers:

Ms. Donnell, has had an impact on me because she is really nice and patient to all her students. I’ve been in her class for three years now, and she actually cares for the mental health of her students. She also plays fun learning games that help us interact with each other so we are all friends, and not just classmates.

Mr. Chiang is the teacher who helped me learn English in 7th and 8th grade and Ms. Castellano always helped me to express myself through arts, like ceramics, drawing, and even photography. When I came here and I did not know the language all of my teachers tried their best to make me feel comfortable and they always helped me when I was struggling”

“Mrs. Howard would allow me to come to her room anytime I needed last year when no one was in school. Mrs. Howard has had a profound impact on me. She has showed me that kindness fixes all.

 “Ms. Gagis had an important impact on me. Whenever I was stressed about something or just needed someone to talk to Ms. Gagis was always there for me. This was important because I was never the person to really open up about my own problems, instead I would keep everything bottled up. Ms. Gagis pushed me to become a more open person and to put my trust into others.”

” Mrs.Leonard had great conversations with our classes as she made sure to get through the concepts and skills, but still left time to enjoy and learn about other important things not related to the class such as current events or anything going on in the world”

“Mrs. Bowden is a teacher that had a large impact on me. One day I was having a bad anxiety attack and was crying in class and she was very understanding. She let me take a walk and use the bathroom and afterwards she checked up on me to make sure I was okay. This was important to me because I never cry in front of people and I knew Ms. Bowden was there for me and understood me.”

The Little Things

“Mr. Ersalesi knew I was taking my National Registry exam to become a nationally certified EMT, and he emailed me for good luck and got me a pair of socks with ambulances on them as a present for passing. It meant a lot to know a teacher actually really cared about my life and success.”

I remember in 5th grade when I didn’t understand something, my teacher at the time drew more than 100 squares just so I can understand that specific math problem. He took up a lot of the class time just for that and I did end up being able to solve it.”

“Despite Mrs. Muscio only having me once my freshman year I have still constantly seen her when I have soccer. She has always been there to hear my rants about what I was stressing about and would also rant with me. She is just a really kind person who is always smiling in the halls.”

“Getting to know their students and just having a bit of small talk is always important to me knowing I can trust them and talk to them whenever.”

“Mr. Blanchard once in 8th grade was very kind towards me. I wished him a good one, and he wished me a GREAT one!”

Sports Coaches + Art Mentors

“One thing that a teacher has done for me that meant a lot to me was simply staying after school to give me advice on life outside of my academics. It was nice to have someone of higher authority be able to give me advice on similar experiences that they went through as an athlete themselves. They opened up my eyes to maturely handle the situations that I thought I handled correctly. “

“Mrs.Grillo is the most incredible, kind teacher i have ever met. she has so much patience, and a truly kind heart. she has taught me many lessons, more than art, including life lessons and handling certain situations. this relationship is important to me because she doesn’t see me as a student but as a friend.”

“Ms. A has been my coach for volleyball and softball since freshman year. She has had a tremendous impact on me. She taught me how to believe in myself, how to push myself, how to know my limits, and simply how to just have fun. I am forever grateful for her as a coach. She has boosted my confidence and made me feel better about myself more than she will ever know. That relationship was so important to me because I don’t think I would ever play as good or as confidently as I did if it weren’t for her”

“Ms. Dana Gallo has shown empathy, compassion and loyalty to her students in the short amount of time she’s been here. Ms. Gallo, although a temporary replacement for Mr. Faugno, has left a permanent impact on each and every student who has come across her. she listens, and works with students to improve not only their playing ability in band, but to be better people overall. she’s a teacher i can personally say has made my time at rhs memorable and enjoyable. I can not ask for a better teacher than her.”

“A coach of mine who has had a big impact on me is Coach Bott. As I joined sports this year Mrs. Bott has shown me what it is to never give up. As a coach she is very compassionate and teaches her students very well. Even on my worst days, she has never doubted me and made me push myself to the top. As I walked into practices everyday she kept encouraging us and knew when something was wrong. She never looks down upon her students and makes sure everyone knows how they can improve and get better. She has never made me feel bad about myself and is truly a coach I will never forget”

Whether large or small, the actions of our teachers shape students in innumerable ways. Thank you to all of our outstanding teachers and staff. The impact and guidance you provide our youth with are truly irreplaceable.