Safety Protocols Change (but Don’t Stop) RHS Fall Athletics Season

Article written by Julianna Cimillo and Logan Tridel

COVID-19 has impacted all aspects of life since March. Now that school and sports are starting to open up, it is obviously effecting students and their day-to-day lives. While fall sport seasons may not look like they have in the past, athletes are making the most with the opportunities they have been given by being allowed a season at all. Julie Cimillo and Logan Tridel took it upon themselves to get a general consensus of how athletes from various sports feel about the fall athletic season as well as its limitations.

Looking into soccer, an outdoor but nonetheless contact sport, several restrictions have be put in place to keep the students of Rutherford safe. Soccer players have to wear masks on buses and the bench and must socially distance at all times.

Practicing is more drill-based and the distancing unfortunately prevents players from bonding and being able to talk with each other. Despite these protocols, the Rutherford Soccer Team is staying positive and remains thankful for getting the opportunity to have a season, regardless of the restrictions. Varsity Soccer Captain, Gavin Siengsanaoh, explained –when asked about how the restrictions have affected the team’s morale– that the team still has high hopes as long as they can be on the field.

The team is also grateful for fans coming to the games to cheer them on, despite them being socially distanced and masks. Regardless of the minor protocols the Rutherford Varsity Soccer team faces, the chance to get their soccer season in this year means more then wearing a mask or having to distance themselves.

”We will have a successful season as long as we are following the right protocol”

Gavin Siengsanaoh Caption of the Rutherford Varsity Soccer Team

Both cheering and football have very similar protocols to soccer when it comes to remaining safe in these uncertain times. The cheerleaders are required to wear masks the entirety of practices, along with following social distancing guidelines. These rules hold true for football players as well. As many in the school are already aware, the football games are nowhere near as large of an “event,” as compared to previous years. Cheerleaders are not allowed to travel to away games with the players, and each player only receives two tickets per game.

Even at home games, attendance is restricted. Each player, cheerleader, and marching band member receives two tickets. Social distancing and mask wearing is enforced in the stands, therefore, the infamous “dog pound,” will not be taking place this season. While it is easy to dwell on the negative, all fall athletes have so much to be grateful for.

Many say they find it difficult to find joy when comparing this season to years prior, however all are grateful for the opportunity to even play. Many schools and districts all around the country have not been able to successfully implement safe COVID-19 protocols. Luckily for RHS athletes, Rutherford has done an impeccable job of maintaining both athletics and safety for the 2020 season.