Scream VI (Review)

Warning: possible spoilers ahead!


Scream 6 follows the cast from the previous movie a couple of years later in New York City where most of the characters are attending college. Just like in the other movies before, another person has decided to put on the ghost face mask to start another killing spree only for our main characters to stop them.


Overall from a visual and storytelling standpoint, this movie is solid for a franchise in its 6th adaptation. All of the shots in the movie are good, as to be expected, and it hits all marks for a movie and is very clean-looking. I enjoyed a lot of the high-tension scenes due to the lighting and use of colors adding to the suspense. I thought it was correctly used. My favorite moment in terms of visuals was definitely the convenience store scene, the greenish tint through the room mixed in with the ceiling lights made a very scary atmosphere.

Image credit: Paramount Pictures


I thought that the storytelling for this movie was okay throughout the whole movie. Nothing out of the ordinary for a scream movie happened. I think the best part of the movie was the twist because it was shocking but also made sense. There was one little plot hole in the twist, but I was able to get rid of my sense of logic just to keep my enjoyment.

I think the weakest point of this movie was the characters, I really didn’t connect with them at all, probably to due the fact that they were replacements for legacy characters in the movies. I really only heavily disliked one of the main characters, played by Melissa Barrera. My grudge against her character is she gave too many cheesy “last word” lines at the end of the movie that just made me cringe and took me out of the movie. Throughout the whole film, I hated her character. It was not to the fault of the actress– I think she did a good job with what she was given– but the material she had was trash. Her character did a little too much whining and complaining for me to handle; her whole character was that she was unable to move on from the last ghost face murders and everyone else already did. Also, there were a lot of scenes where characters were utterly mutilated and somehow survived, which was hard to believe.


At the end of the day, this isn’t a movie you should take very seriously and just have a good time with it. Don’t look too deeply into it and just enjoy it for being a bad corny slasher movie you can watch with friends.

disclaimer: this movie is rated R. This is a horror film, so violence and frightening scenes are to be expected. You should always check movie rating guidelines to determine whether or not you would be comfortable watching it. The R-Hi does not endorse any film and watching is at the viewer’s discretion.

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Pictures