Senior Feature: Nick Tardiff

Nicholas Tardiff, aspiring hometown artist, recently aquired his first commission for his bodacious Bulldog mural. This mural, located at Kids Spot Playground, is the start of a promising career for Tardiff.

“Hues of My Day” by Nick Tardiff

Tardiff has always known he wanted to be an artist of some kind. His primary skills were self taught as an adolescent. He owes his early dedication to the arts to his mother, who is an art teacher. Later in life, he became inspired by Disney’s computer generated style of animation. Tardiff says he is inspired by the “limitless potential that you can do with 3D animation.” During his sophomore year, he furthered his fascination by taking a course entitled “Computer Generation with 3D Maya” at SVA in Manhattan. This course was vital in his art career and he says it was, “worth every penny. It made me feel like I was going to a real job. I loved every second.”

“Sketchbook Drawings” by Nick Tardiff

Tardiff is applying to many fine arts schools, including School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Cal Arts in California, and various other New York art schools. We wish him luck as he pursues his passion and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented artist.