Seniors Reflect After College Applications

For most seniors, college applications are all done and deadlines have all passed! So, I surveyed some of Rutherford High School’s seniors on how they’re feeling.

I asked them two questions: How do you feel now that college applications are over? What are some plans you have/what are you looking forward to?

“I am looking forward to enjoying the rest of my senior year without any stress about what the future will bring. Now that I’ve gotten into a college, I can spend more time focusing on friends and my hobbies instead of trying to ace every test. I’m looking forward to taking road trips and getting a job that I can really commit to.”


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“I’m relieved but also anxious to find out which colleges I got accepted and rejected from. But now there are scholarship applications, so it never really ends. I definitely want to try to take some naps and hang out with friends more often.”

—Caroline Mierzwa

“I only applied to 3 colleges and haven’t heard back from any of them and still have to apply to 4 more, so i’m #stillstressed. I’ve been doing all the fun stuff even though I know I still have responsibilities to take care of…”

—Cayla D’Elia

“I feel relieved and stress-free. I want to start sleeping earlier and spend more time on puzzles.”

—Sonali Rana

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“I feel relieved because of the lessened workload, but also stressed from anxiously anticipating the decisions. I want to hang out with my friends more and work more hours to save up money for college.”

—Grace Kilen

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“I’m relieved and happy that an important milestone of my life is coming more of a reality. I’m focusing on finishing my senior year on a high note and enjoying my last few months as a high schooler.”


“I feel relieved but anxious at the same time. I plan to worry less, sleep and go out more.”


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For many seniors, finishing college applications is an important step towards creating our future — one filled with newfound passions, relationships, and independence. Though the process of applying can come with lots (and lots) of stress, hard work, and commitment, it will be worth it! And our seniors will be reminded of this feeling once college decisions come rolling in late March because we’ll begin to remember that everything happens for a reason and that no matter what school we go to, we will still make the most out of it, growing intellectually and personally through our time in college.

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Congratulations and good luck to all our RHS seniors!

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