Spring Musical: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief to debut March 15th

The RHS drama department is all set to perform Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief this Friday and Saturday. With three shows this weekend, there is plenty of opportunity to see this wonderful show and support the arts in Rutherford.

Based on the acclaimed Rick Riordan series, this musical is a light-hearted rock musical that covers a range of topics, from Greek mythology to growing up. It follows the journey of young Percy Jackson and his friends Grover and Annabeth as they fight to save Percy’s mom and the world from a war between the gods. It is fantastical, funny, and an enjoyable production to witness on the stage.

The original stage production of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was on Broadway for a 16-week limited run that was received with great praise. Its intimate casting, inspiring visuals, and hilarious book made it a great night out for any Riordan fan. The production team here at RHS has found a way to creatively adapt the original full-length musical for the high school stage, and it will no doubt leave a lasting impact on the audience as an outstanding representation of the talent and dedication in the Rutherford theater program.

Tickets are $15 dollars at the door, with showtimes at 7:30 on Friday and 2:30/7:30 on Saturday.