Student survey reveals top gifts to give this holiday season

As the “Season of Giving” is right around the corner, the one thing that may be on everyone’s mind is what to get for others. As you begin to compile a list of things to get your friends and loved ones, we have created a lineup of fun and entertaining stocking stuffers that you should surely add to your list.

To start off, simple, thoughtful gifts are always a great place to start with gift giving; however, if you are unsure of the perfect gift to give someone, you can always give cash! According to a social media survey conducted by Elijah, 40% of people would just enjoy regular cash as a gift, which would take away the hassle of thinking up a gift. However, if you’re more about giving them a present that they’ll surely enjoy, items such as candy, a wallet, lanyards, blankets, and even socks will prove to be heartwarming and sweet.

If you’re looking to be extra sweet and special, you could give them clothes to show off to the world (especially since those surveyed identified “clothes” as their second favorite gift to receive) or plushies/stuffed animals that they can cherish during those cold, sleepless nights.


Another popular category for gift-giving is electronic accessories such as a phone case, small speaker, headphones, power bank, phone holder, etc. Ultimately, a gift’s worth isn’t determined by the amount of money you spend on it, but rather the amount of love, effort, and care you put into the gift shows how much you truly appreciate that person in your life.

If you are looking to give easy and enjoyable gifts that people will be thankful for during the holidays, here are some things to keep in mind: Most people actually prefer to receive cash for the holidays, but tend to give it as a gift the least. On the contrary, many people are willing to give gift cards but prefer not to receive this gift for themselves during the holidays. 


In Secret Santa exchanges, it is common for people to bring sentimental items, like something homemade or something that a person can cherish/use for a long time. After taking another poll, it was noted that many people try to give something that will have a sentimental and meaningful value to the other person, specifically choosing that gift for them (as it wouldn’t hold its special value if it were given to another person). Something fun may be to give a gag gift that will give your friend a laugh and will always remind them of you when they come across it in their house. Regardless of whether it’s a gag gift Secret Santa or a more meaningful one, as long as you put thought into the gift then they’ll surely cherish the present.

To wrap it up… remember this: don’t be afraid to give cash if you can’t come up with a more personal gift, think twice about giving a gift card in place of something more personal, and ultimately, think of how this gift will make your loved one feel rather than focusing on the price tag.

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