The Dog Pound grows by one crazy canine

RHS has a new bulldog mascot which you may have noticed at the pep rally or Tryon Field.

Photo from Mr. Stracco
The new mascot at Tryon Field

How did we get the new mascot?

Mr. Stracco applied for a grant last year in March. The grants’ recipients were announced before the end of the last school year. The school received the grant of $1,700 from the Rutherford Education Foundation (REF). The REF’s mission is to “enrich the academic, athletic, and extracurricular experiences of students in the Borough of Rutherford. The Foundation seeks to develop a reliable source of privately raised funds that will enable it to sponsor programs in cooperation with the schools, the recreation department and the community at large.” The REF is responsible for many of the experiences and resources enjoyed by Rutherford students, boasting $600,000 in grants since its inception.

Rutherford Education Foundation

While the REF is responsible for many educational grants, the grant for the mascot is a recognition that school spirit is just as important to our student’s high school experience. After twenty-five years of our old mascot, it was definitely time for a new one.

While the school has had numerous volunteers fill the shoes (or paws) of the new mascot, the school is moving to have one student fill the role of the mascot for the Winter sports season. Keep an eye out for the Bulldog and don’t forget to say “hello!”

The mascot at the homecoming parade