Was Super Bowl 53 Overhyped?

Super Bowl 53 had everything going for it. It was the Los Angeles Rams versus the New England Patriots. It was a young team versus an experienced and previously victorious team. Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi performed during the halftime show. But what happened? Super Bowl 53 left many people disappointed and here’s why.

The first reason being the fact that the game was very boring. The final score was Patriots 13 – Rams 3. The offenses played poorly for the most part, but the defenses were outstanding, especially the Patriots. Each team did not have the ball a lot. Some might call this a highly defensive game, but fans were not happy on how the game was played.

Many watchers were also not happy about the fact the Patriots won again. The Patriots have the best quarterback of all time on their team: Tom Brady. The Patriots have won 6 out of the 9 Super Bowls they have played in. People do not like when the same teams win over and over again. There has also been many controversies with the Patriots, such as “deflate-gate,” where Tom Brade allegedly ordered the deflation of footballs used in a playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC championship game in the 2014-15 season.

The last thing is the disappointment that came with the halftime show. Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi are all extremely talented artists, but they did not match well together. To put it bluntly, two rap artists and a pop band singing together was not a good combination. People also did not like Travis Scott’s performance because of the lack of autotune.

What do you think of Super Bowl 53? Do you think it was exciting, boring, or simply overhyped?

Featured Image from PatsPulpit