A Farewell Interview with Mrs. Bacilo

Mrs. Bacilo, history and sociology teacher who has been with us at RHS for 11 years, is saying farewell to Rutherford! We will no doubt miss her creative projects and the History House Cup. In lieu of her departure and in order to commemorate her time at the school, I asked her a couple of questions, which will hopefully help those who will not get to spend the whole year with her get to know her a little better. And, if you had her in previous years, maybe you’ll learn something new about the lovable teacher in room 307.

What inspired you to become a teacher, and furthermore, what was the appeal to history specifically?

Mrs. Bacilo noted how she came from a family of teachers, and that “I know it sounds cliche, but I couldn’t picture myself doing anything else.” She also believes that social studies is the most important of the subjects in terms of understanding how to be a global citizen.

Out of all your years here, what is your best memory?

She had to stop and think about this one for a second but ultimately concluded that her best memory was the first time she introduced the History House Cup. “It was so fun just seeing how crazy everyone got trying to win at the end of each quarter.” She said. I’m sure everyone who has had her can concur. She bakes the prizes herself and, despite her maternity leave last year, never failed to miss bringing in some special treats.

You teach a Sociology elective here; are you going to be teaching both sociology and history at your new school, or something new?

“I’m going to be teaching sociology and another elective called anthropology.” I asked her what those classes entailed. “Anthropology is kind of similar to sociology, but it ties in more of the scientific side of things, like studying ancient civilizations and human evolutions.”

 Are you planning to continue the house points at your new school?

Since Mrs. Bacilo will no longer be teaching honors history, the reign of the History House Cup is over. I followed up the question by asking what Harry Potter house she is in, to which she replied “I’m a Hufflepuff, through and through.”


What will you miss most about RHS?

“Everything.” She told me. “Every single person in this department means so much to me and I have made best friends. For life.”

This definitely was a bit of an emotional interview, as Mrs. Bacilo brought so much to our school and especially the history department. We wish her luck at her new school!