Halloween Ends Movie Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Halloween Ends is the third and, as the name suggests, the final installment to the Halloween sequel trilogy by David Gordon Green. As the other two other movies built upon the lore making it more and more intriguing regarding the fate of Michael Myers, the final installment finally makes that conclusion a reality. The Halloween franchise is a mainstay for horror lovers and “spooky season” lovers alike. Michael Myers has become the “fiend that never dies,” puzzling viewers about how he could still be a threat after all the years that these movies have been out. So, does Halloween Ends live up to the hype of the long-awaited closure of this classic film franchise?

The first of the trilogy uses more suspense-building and takes everything seriously, making it a shockingly good follow-up to the tone shown in the 1978 original. Following that, the second becomes a gore fest compared to the first but gives such a ridiculous tone that makes it a “so bad that it’s good” type of watch with friends. The third tries to follow the same format as the first, but takes itself way too seriously and makes the movie overall unenjoyable to watch. And even more shocking, a movie about Michael Myers has the character almost nowhere to be seen for most of the duration of the movie. 

Photo credit: Ryan Green/Universal Pictures

This dumpster fire of a movie is, in every way imaginable, a poorly structured film. When it comes to the story, the film doesn’t seem to understand the type it wants to tell. It follows the character Corey for the duration of the film. The character was never featured in the previous films and he serves no real impact when it comes to the end or to the legacy characters in the film. The movie really has almost zero focus on Michael Myers, having him only show up for one final battle towards the end of the film and it feels very undeserved because throughout this whole movie there was no build-up to this moment.

Instead of the time of this movie being used to build up this battle, it was used to show some cheesy romance between the characters Corey & Allyson which ended up being the major plot of this whole movie. This isn’t what fans of the series come to the cinema in hopes to see and it’s just disappointing. Going from storytelling to the cinematography aspect of this film it’s top-notch as to be expected. There’s really nothing negative about it I can say. The acting is also not awful; you can tell everyone in this movie is giving their best effort for the material they were handed. The dialogue can be cringeworthy at times but the blame should be placed on the writers. 

To recap, this movie has a poorly structured narrative and character, well-done cinematography, and well-acted scenes. The dialogue contradicts the tone of the movie due to its cringy nature of it. Overall I’m disappointed with this movie and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to waste their time and watch this movie.

disclaimer: this movie contains violence and profanity. You should always check movie rating guidelines to determine whether or not you would be comfortable watching it. The R-Hi does not endorse any film and watching is at the viewer’s discretion.

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