Lana Del Rey is back with long-awaited album after two-year hiatus

Lana’s back, and she’s cooler than ever.

Lana Del Rey, deemed artist of the decade in 2021, has been teasing her new album Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? for the past few months. The song has its own Instagram account which has accumulated over one million followers – clearly, people are excited after her two-year-long social media break.

It’s been two years since Lana’s most recent album–Blue Banisters— came out. Lana has been producing music since the early 2000s and Ocean Blvd is going to be her ninth studio album and counting. This particular album consists of heart-wrenching music about not wanting to be forgotten and diving into aspects of her personal life. The most recent release of the album was the song “The Grants”, on March 14. Lana Del Rey (real name Elizabeth Grant) wrote this song where she sings about her father, sister, and brother. She also sings (in the song “Fingertips”) about deeply intimate thoughts regarding motherhood and self-doubt: “Will the baby be all right/Will I have one of mine?/Can I handle it even if I do?”

Image from: Far Out Magazine

Lana was honored with the Billboard Women in Music Visionary Award 2023. In the past, she has also been nominated for six Grammy’s, best song and music video awards, and a Brit award for International Female Solo Artist. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store, specifically on March 24 when the album releases!