RHS Creative Writing Students Showcased at 15th Annual Red Wheelbarrow Poetry Event

Just a few weeks ago, on October 5th, the Felician University Little Theater celebrated its 15th Red Wheelbarrow poetry showcase. Some special guests attended, like poets such as Preeti Shah and a group called the Brooklyn Poets. As well as in addition to that, some of our very own RHS students. A multitude of RHS poets in Ms. Dougard’s 2021-2022 Creative Writing class were selected to have their poetry showcased, as well as an opportunity for them to read their work in front of the theater’s audience.

Photo Credit: Red Wheelbarrow Poets Facebook Page

All poems were published in the Red Wheelbarrow Book, which was available for purchase that night. This is a further opportunity for aspiring writers to exhibit their blossoming talents, in front of each other, and in front of others who are living out their very own dreams. The event lasted from seven to nine and despite a brief intermission, it was one talent after another.

“Being published in The Red Wheelbarrow Journal is quite an accomplishment, and I am incredibly proud of the student writers,” says Ms. Dougard. “I hope we can continue to be given this opportunity and that it can become a tradition. We have many talented student poets each semester in Creative Writing; they are proof that poetry is far from a dead art!”

Ms. Dougard with her Creative Writing Students