Rutherford Public Schools Make Significant Upgrades to Buildings Following Historic Referendum

While the town’s schools have remained a constant within us through our childhood and adolescence, there is no denying the outdated designs of some of the buildings. The first school of our town (formerly known as Park School -but today is borough hall) was built prior to 1900! The original building of Pierrepont School was built in 1906, and the high school followed in 1922. But in recent years, the district has looked to make significant upgrades to these buildings.

Rewind to 2019, a referendum was passed by the school board to improve Rutherford’s public schools. Voters registered and funded money that would be put to use for new classrooms, science labs, gymnasiums, central air and heating, and more. To review the full referendum outline, finances, and progress pictures from around the district, go to the One Rutherford website.

“You will see how the improvements to our schools have benefited our students, faculty, staff, and the whole community” stated our Superintendent, Jack Hurley, in an email recently sent out to the town. A ‘virtual tour’ was released on November 5, showing all of the updates that happened in Lincoln School, Washington School, Pierrepont School, Union School, and last but not least, our very own RHS.

Pictured below is a side-by-side comparison of Pierrepont School’s exterior, in the same areas:

BusinessYab (prior to renovation) Via the Virtual Tour

You may have also noticed our new bulldog edition near the “four doors” of RHS.

Via the Virtual Tour

A big thanks goes out to all of the construction workers who worked hard on the renovations, specifically the ALNA Construction of Secaucus. They worked on the HVAC systems and our new windows. Cue the school spirit– out with the muted red windows, and in with the blue!

Check out the virtual tour here:

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