Kansas Chiefs’ Fan is Caught for Multiple Robberies

Xavier Michael Babudar/Chiefsaholic
He goes by “Chiefsaholic,” but his actual name is Xavier Michael Babudar. He recently got arrested after a discovery of all his crimes. He regularly dressed as a wolf when attending Chiefs games. Apparently, Babudar robbed a Tulsa Teachers Federal Credit Union in late 2022. He went to jail, but after getting released, removed his ankle monitor.

 Illustration by ESPN

Investigators discussed how Babudar robbed banks and unions throughout the Midwest for money. Forbes reports, “As part of his plea, Babudar admitted to committing nine bank and credit union robberies in 2022 and two other bank robberies while he was fleeing law enforcement last year before laundering most of the stolen money through local casinos and online gambling, the Justice Department said.”

After being caught once again, the felon is expected to serve 50 years in prison. He had stolen at least $800,000 in seven different states. He will have to pay $532,675 for his crimes.

At the end of the day, we never know what people are truly like. Chiefsaholic just seemed like every other goofy football fan, but turned out to be a literal criminal. So, it is important to acknowledge that not everyone is who they seem online.

Featured Photo by: Scripps News Kansas City / AP