Psych Club Raises Money for Suicide Prevention

Thanks to donations from RHS students and staff, the Psych Club raised $543.51 for Suicide Prevention! In this interview, Mrs. Moloughney provides a deeper look into what the Psych club has accomplished.

What inspired you to raise money for suicide prevention?

“September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month so it was important to me that the Psychology Club spread awareness at RHS. Talking about suicide can be a taboo topic in our culture, so it was essential for the Psychology Club to try to combat that stigma.”

Could you tell me more about the psychological aspects of suicide?

“Psychology tells us that there’s no one cause of suicide. There are factors that increase the likelihood that someone would attempt suicide such as a mental health condition, access to lethal means (like a firearm or prescription pills), and a traumatic or stressful life event. However, psychology also tells us that there are protective factors that decrease the likelihood of suicide, such as access to mental healthcare, a support network of family and friends, and learning general coping skills. We do know that talking to someone about their thoughts of suicide will not increase the likelihood that they attempt suicide and that safely storing lethal means like guns and medications can save lives.”

Where are the donations going?

“The donations will all benefit the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or AFSP.  The AFSP dedicates itself to educating people on the topic of suicide by hosting “Out of the Darkness” campus and community walks as well as bringing suicide prevention programs to schools and universities. It also funds scientific research to test treatments and help increase the public’s understanding of suicide.”

When did you collect the donations? 

“From Sept 20-24, we collected donations during lunch, as well as during the day in Room 310. Volunteers from the Psychology Club went to the lunchrooms throughout the week.”

What do you hope to have accomplished by doing this?

“We hope that we helped to reduce some of the stigma surrounding the discussion of suicide and encouraged people to seek help.”

What types of things does the Psych Club usually do?

“We usually have meetings regarding mental health and wellness issues. We also meet virtually with psychologists from across the globe who discuss their research and careers. Lastly, we host fundraisers or awareness campaigns for psychology-related issues.”

Image credits: Twitter, Center for Personal Development