RHS Academic Decathlon Team Wins Big at Regionals, Moves Onto States

The RHS Academic Decathlon Team traveled to Ramapo High School on Saturday, January 28, 2023, to compete in the Regional competition.

If you don’t know about Academic Decathlon, it’s an annual High School academic competition with seven subjects that include information on a chosen topic then take multiple choice tests on each subject. This year’s topic was the American Revolution. The seven topics are Mathematics, Literature, Social Science, Science, Music, Art, and Economics. Additionally, the starters compete in speech and interview events.

A couple of days after the competition, the team received their highly-anticipated scores. Many of the RHS Decathaletes received high honors at the Region I awards dinner, which was held at Hackensack High School on Wednesday, February 1st.

Our starters won a total of 32 awards and our alternates won a total of 26 awards! Our regionals MVP award went to Kayleigh Griffin for her constant effort and great achievements.

Some standout results include:

  • Kia Parikh: Golds in Art, Essay, and Speech (perfect score for her 4-minute prepared speech)
  • Kayleigh Griffin: team MVP, 1st place in the region in her GPA category, Golds in Lit, Art, and Econ
  • Nico Schumacher: 2nd place in the region in her GPA category, Golds in Music, Art, & Essay
  • Erica Chen: 2nd place in the region in her GPA category, 7 awards (out of 10), Gold in Literature
  • Vridhee Khanna: Gold in Science
RHS AD Team at the Region I Awards Dinner

Kia Parikh was awarded the highest score for prepared speech and presented her speech at the awards dinner. Another high award was Erica Chen, placing 2nd in the top scorer in the Honors category. Kayleigh Griffin won top scorer in the Scholastic category and Nico Schumacher won 2nd top scorer in the Scholastic category. The Decathletes also competed in Super Quiz and placed 2nd in their Region.

The RHS Academic Decathlon Team placed 2nd in our Region, meaning they will be preparing for the State Competition on March 4th.

The RHS Academic Decathlon coach Mr. Narozny has helped bring the team to the top of the charts, he praises “I’m so proud of all the hard work the team put into preparing for the Regional competition, but now the real work begins as we prepare for the State Competition.”

Congratulations to the RHS Academic Decathlon Team and Mr. Narozny for their hard work! Best of luck at States!