Roman Nelson on His New Single “Hype Grind”

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You’ve seen him across the halls and you’ve most likely heard him on the RTV Morning Show. His name is Roman Nelson with his new single Hype Grind!

He started off as a closed artist who limited himself to only releasing his music to close family members and friends until he made his newest song. He got his first inspiration to make music from a memorable scene in the movie  “Hustle and Flow”. He felt as if that movie in a way spoke to him and as a result, encouraged him to start making beats and lyrics to his own music. 

Since his godfather works in the music industry, Nelson was able to obtain valuable studio time for “six exciting and fun hours”. Once he had a song put together it was time for the name. He originally thought of “Clap and Dance” as he thought it would encapsulate the upbeat, fun vibe that the song exerted.

However, as he thought more about it, he changed it to what he thought would be most fitting. The word ‘hype’ emerged in his mind because it expressed how he is always driven to do various activities like working hard and taking part in sports. Additionally, he went with the word ‘grind’ because he is continuously active and determined to reach his goals. Together, the song “Hype Grind” outlined what he strives to be every day and what the song meant to him. 

Nelson’s new single is out now! You can find it on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube, and other streaming platforms. Go listen!

Rachael Castro interviews Roman Nelson on his inspiration behind his song “Hype Grind”